Metalwork at The 02 : Dublin

We are currently in the middle of our metalwork package for “The O2” arena or what was known as “The Point” in Dublin. We provided samples and design drawings prior to getting any work on this project and following several meetings we began the work on the 1st July last and we started the installation 2 weeks later. We are not the only Architectural Metalwork supplier on site as the complete package was split amoung 3 or 4 of us.

One of the critical elements required in the design was the crowd loading and the safety factor requirements when dealing with such large numbers of people. Incorporated in our balustrades are stainless steel drinks shelves, expanding metal panels and stainless steel handrails and all finished with an MIO paint, and looks very good indeed. We are also in the middle of installing the glazing to the 2 lifts shafts which service 3 floors in both the north and south sections of the building. We installed metal support steel firstly, then the 19mm thick glass and stainless steel tubular handrail surrounding it. The glass is drilled to take the support brackets and also the lift controll buttons. Externally we are manufacturing 2 mildsteel galvanised balcony balustrades using 316 grade satin polished stainless steel handrail and glass panels and with the MIO paint finish also. One of the disadvantages in working on this project has got to be the parking. We are almost at the stage now that at least 1 of our vans is being clamped daily and they have not always been guilty but everyone has a job to do I suppose. I’ll keep ye up dated later on this project.

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