Galvanising metalwork ;

We are currently working on a site where the Client has decided to use mildsteel galvanised balustrades internally, yes, inside. Now this has created a problem in so far as when you manufacture balustrade or any metalwork piece the different members of the piece will colour differently in galvanising and the welds even though polished perfectly will swell and become exagerated and not look as pretty as expected. Anyhow in our case apparently the client is not at all happy with the finished product and rightly so but the product is perfect and admittedly so by many involved. So be aware potential clients, architects, designers when you specify a galvanised finish for internal metalwork and hope to leave it un painted it could become very costly to resolve and should possibly be avoided. Anyway my client is of the opinion that we should paint this balsutrade at no extra cost. How mad is that ?

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